Friday, April 24, 2009

Foto Friday

Happy Friday all!

Yesterday we spotted the first baby geese of the year and will be out with the camera this weekend attempting to get some good photos. Look for those in a future post. I can't wait to see the baby wood ducks, and if the geese are hatching it won't be too much longer until the baby ducks will be hatching too!
Since I have wood ducks on the mind, I'll just go ahead and post a photo of a male wood duck for today's photo. They are one of my favorite ducks. Just look at how colorful they are!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Piggy said...

Wow.. is that a wooden duck? It looks so real! :) Beautiful picture!

Rhythms of Light said...

No, it's not a wooden duck. :) That's just the name of this kind of duck.