Friday, March 6, 2009

Snowy Silence

The past week has been spent nursing a horrible cold, which means no journeying out with the camera. :( Don't be worried, there are plenty of good quality photos that have yet to be posted! :)

This morning I awoke to snow gently falling and blanketing the world in a soft and white stillness. Alas, I had somewhere to be or I would have whipped out the camera and snapped some photos of how the snow was so perfectly sticking to all the tree branches. Instead, I will delight your eyes with a different snowy scene. :)

During the middle of December a snowstorm came through the Boise area and dumped a few inches of snow. My husband and I decided to take a walk and came across this scene at Julia Davis Park in Boise. I love how serene and peaceful the photo is.

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